Dominion Fleet

Dominion Fleet

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Star Trek Spaceship Manufacturers and Sellers

 This section will focus on all the makers of Star Trek ships in the fleet scale range. I'm really not sure what "fleet scale" excactly represents, but im talking around 1/7000 or smaller. I use the 1/7000 scale to form a foundation of what my fleets will consist of. Occasionally I find a maker of a ship that is close to that scale, for instance ( Furuta 1/6300) and use that "close enough" factor. Its really hard to tell the size difference of a 1/7000 and 1/6300 Enterprise D from a distance. Its only a mm or two. Either way, on a gaming table they both look great. This section will grow a ton as I add more starship manufacturers to the list. I hope to compile a great archive on this and give people some information on each ship and its company. You can't have a great archive without starting with possibly the greatest maker of Star Trek Ships around, FASA.  FASA makes some really high quality miniatures and have been doing it for many years. They are not to hard to find these days, but you will pay good money. I look on Ebay from time to time and have some success in finding them.

 Here is a story I would like to share on a miniature purchase I had a few years back. When I first started collecting Star Trek ships, I was told that Romando made some excellent 1/7000 miniatures. I did some research on them and decided to purchase one or two just to start out with. So I got on Ebay and started looking to see what I could find. The prices of these ships were through the roof I thought. I couldn't find a Romando ship for under $25. So I thought to myself, this is BS. I looked again and again for a month or so and never found one for cheap....until this- I signed into Ebay one morning and did a search for Romando Star Trek once again. To my suprise, an Ebay member had just listed the whole Romando set for $15. This was not an auction but a "Buy It Now". I thought there was some kind of mistake in the price, and maybe there was on their part. I didn't hesitate in purchasing the lot. I don't think the seller really knew what they had and what price to put on them. I'm assuming they didn't know a thing about Romando 1/7000 ships and how much they were really going for. These were not boxed up in their original packaging, but loose and in great shape. All of them were. I have a feedback score of around 700 transactions on Ebay and to this date, that was my best purchase ever!!!

  The top photo is Romando Star Trek Series 1. It consist of 12 (completed) ship designs. These ships are all plastic but very detailed. They also come with there own bases. The second picture is Romando Star Trek Series 2. It also consists of 12 plactic but greatly detailed ships. Romando is a company based out of Japan. The Romando  Star Trek line was discontinued a few years back. I prefer pewter and resin models as opposed to the plastic ones, but these are great ships. I will add more pictures of each ship in the future.

 Another great company that makes highly detailed plastic Star Trek ships is Furuta. It to is a company from Japan. Furuta models are not based on just one size like the Romando series is. My focus on this line is the Enterprise D and Future Enterprise D. They are the only two ships from Furuta that are in the 1/7000 scale range. Not a true 1/7000, but 1/6300. I have managed to mass a whole fleet of these great Enterprise D replicas. On the gaming table, you can hardly tell the size difference between the Romando models and the Furuta ships. Of coarse the Furutas will be a bit larger. Like I stated in the past, Romando models are priced way higher than there Furuta counterparts. Why? I don't know.....availability I guess. Furuta ships are not quite as detailed, but for the cheaper price, who cares!
1/6300 Furuta Enterprise D

1/6300  Future Enterprise D


  1. Nice to see the cornetto of doom in there.

  2. Nice to see the cornetto of doom in there.