Dominion Fleet

Dominion Fleet

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ships waiting to be painted.

Now that I am 1/3 done painting my Jem Hadar fleet, its time to switch gears and move on to something else. I plan on finishing up my Cardassian fleet. I was only able to paint 20 Hideki fighters a few months back. I have been using Micro Machine Galor Cruisers for game testing, but its time to finish up my real fleet (Studio Bergstrom Miniatures). Sitting on my table is an entire Cardassian Attack Group consisting of Galor Class Attack Cruisers, Keldon Class Cruisers and many more Hideki Fighters. Oh, I threw in a couple Vorlon destroyers for good measure. When I first started painting miniatures, I used white primer. That has changed, and now I stick with grey or black. It seems to bring out the detail better and works great when painting with darker colors. Here are some pictures of whats on my work bench. The 5 painted cruisers was a test of some new paints I tried out.  I Didn't care for them at all. Way to glossy. The Romando DS9 is in need of repairs. It has came un-glued in some areas. Hopefully the Dominion won't attack while the station is taking on these repairs.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Babylon 5 Shadow Fleet

I broke out my Shadow fleet and set it up so I can play a quick battle. This crossover game has them going up against a medium sized Klingon force. 5 Shadow Cruisers and 30 fighters vs. 5 Klingon Vor'cha Class Attack Cruisers, 5 K't'inga Class Battle Cruisers and 10 B'rel Class Bird Of Preys. They Klingons may be out-gunned against the way more powerful Shadow Cruisers, but might make up for it with more heavy units and no fighter screen. I will post the batrep at a later time. Taking notes during the battle is a big help when trying to remember turn after turn results. Enjoy the photos.

Minbari Fleet Box

This Minbari Fleet Box is one that I found on Ebay. To my suprise, it only had 1 bid on it with just a few hours remaining. I gambled and decided to put a bid in. I won the auction with a bid of $52. This was the first fleet box that I have purchased. The item description or its contents was not listed in the auction, so it was just a guess of what ships I was accually going to get. When the package arrived, I opened it and realized that all the ships were accounted for. I have bought groups of miniatures in the past, and some were all there and some were not. I've learned that when buying from Ebay, you really never know what your going to get. I guess I got lucky on this one. However, there was something about the fleet box that made me disappointed to a degree. There were no Sharlin War Cruisers. Even if I had known that, I would have bought it anyways. There are plenty of other ship classes in this set. Its a good thing I aquired 9 full scale Sharlins in my previous dealings.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Vorlon Fleet

Im hoping to bulk up on my vorlon fleet in the next few months. I only have a few ships now, but that will change. Being my favorite race of the Babylon 5 series, these are a must have. The 4 destroyers I have now wouldn't do well in a large battle. Adding some larger ships is a priority. Once again, being a collector, the boxes are something i need to get. Like the Shadow Omega, I'm not to sure how many Fleet Box Sets are still out there.

Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Shadow Omega

I'm a huge fan of the Earth Alliance, but as far as their ships.......not so much. Oh sure, they have plenty to choose from. But compaired to the other "major" races, they look weak, boxy, slow and just lack any appeal. There is one ship that stands out compaired to all the others in my opinion. The EA Shadow Omega. The original Omega Destroyer was my favorite human ship until the Shadow Omega came along. Compaired to the Hyperion Cruiser, which only carries 6 fighters, the Omega Destroyers can double that and throw 12 fighters into the mix at anytime. Not only, it is the only EA ship with artificial gravity. Something the Minbari has had for many years. You put the 12 fighter complement in with the Shadow Omegas advanced weapons, I would put it up against any of the other races best ships. Except for the Vorlon and Shadows of coarse.

The full scale Shadow Omega is a ship that I have tried to collect over the years. Somehow, I have only managed to get a hold of 2. Are they really that rare? When I bought them, they were not in there original blister or box. That is a goal of mine. To have the ship and the original box. I guess when yor a serious collector, you want it all. Here is a couple pictures of the Shadow Omega and its packaging.