Dominion Fleet

Dominion Fleet

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ships waiting to be painted.

Now that I am 1/3 done painting my Jem Hadar fleet, its time to switch gears and move on to something else. I plan on finishing up my Cardassian fleet. I was only able to paint 20 Hideki fighters a few months back. I have been using Micro Machine Galor Cruisers for game testing, but its time to finish up my real fleet (Studio Bergstrom Miniatures). Sitting on my table is an entire Cardassian Attack Group consisting of Galor Class Attack Cruisers, Keldon Class Cruisers and many more Hideki Fighters. Oh, I threw in a couple Vorlon destroyers for good measure. When I first started painting miniatures, I used white primer. That has changed, and now I stick with grey or black. It seems to bring out the detail better and works great when painting with darker colors. Here are some pictures of whats on my work bench. The 5 painted cruisers was a test of some new paints I tried out.  I Didn't care for them at all. Way to glossy. The Romando DS9 is in need of repairs. It has came un-glued in some areas. Hopefully the Dominion won't attack while the station is taking on these repairs.

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