Dominion Fleet

Dominion Fleet

Monday, April 1, 2013

Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Shadow Omega

I'm a huge fan of the Earth Alliance, but as far as their ships.......not so much. Oh sure, they have plenty to choose from. But compaired to the other "major" races, they look weak, boxy, slow and just lack any appeal. There is one ship that stands out compaired to all the others in my opinion. The EA Shadow Omega. The original Omega Destroyer was my favorite human ship until the Shadow Omega came along. Compaired to the Hyperion Cruiser, which only carries 6 fighters, the Omega Destroyers can double that and throw 12 fighters into the mix at anytime. Not only, it is the only EA ship with artificial gravity. Something the Minbari has had for many years. You put the 12 fighter complement in with the Shadow Omegas advanced weapons, I would put it up against any of the other races best ships. Except for the Vorlon and Shadows of coarse.

The full scale Shadow Omega is a ship that I have tried to collect over the years. Somehow, I have only managed to get a hold of 2. Are they really that rare? When I bought them, they were not in there original blister or box. That is a goal of mine. To have the ship and the original box. I guess when yor a serious collector, you want it all. Here is a couple pictures of the Shadow Omega and its packaging.


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  1. very cool mini, today i made a deal, that got me my first shadow omega and two shadow hunters and other rare hard to find b5 ships, will post pics on my blog and scn as soon as they get in.