Dominion Fleet

Dominion Fleet

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Star Trek Micro Machines

  Micro Machines (Galoob) has a few ships that fit well into the 1/7000 gaming scale.  I have purchased many Micro Machine Klingon Vorchas and Federation Excelsiors the past few years to bulk up on my fleets. The Cardassion Galors could easily pass for 1/7000.
Cardassian Keldon Class

Cardassian Galor Class

Klingon Vorcha Battlecruiser

Federation Excelsior Class NX-2000

Federation Stargazer Class
 I have purchase about 10 of them just in case, but I choose Studio Bergstroms Cardassian ships because they are a little smaller and made of metal. Studio Bergstom also makes a Klingon BOP that goes perfectly with the Micro Machine Vorcha Battlecruiser. Here are some pictures of the ships I feel go well with other 1/7000 models or are very close.
Federation Excelsior Class NCC-2000

Federation Enterprise 1701-B

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