Dominion Fleet

Dominion Fleet

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dominion Attack Group

The past few months, I have been building and painting large Star Trek fleets that will be used in an upcoming game that I am working on. There are 6 main races that will be involved in the war at one time or another. These fleets are all 1/7000 scale. The Federation, Romulan and Cardassians on one side. The Dominion, Klingons and Breen in another alliance. The game will be released at a later date. But for now, here are some photos of some of the ships to be used in the coming war. This is  Jem Hadar Attack Group B.
 This standard Attack Group consists of 3 Battlecruisers and 24 Attack Ships.

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  1. i have joined you blog, you have a very cool blog. great job on painting jem hadar attack group b.